Buy Real Filament in DK

Real Filament is a 3D filament produced in The Netherlands. With a strong focus on quality, the aim is to construct 3D filament that will create the best 3D printing results. Real Filament ensures the highest industry standards for all of their 3D filament materials. Select the 3D material that you would like to print with below.

About Real Filament

Order Real Filament for high-quality 3D prints. This is our premium 3D filament brand which takes all factors into consideration to guarantee that you will have the best looking 3D models. For Real Filament, the goal is to use additives to improve the print quality. We prefer to not use low-price fillers, which in turn keeps the line as pure as possible. Thanks to its high industry standard, Real Filament creates accurate and consistent filament diameter sizes. This results in extremely consistent 3D prints, perfect for prototyping and testing! Our the NL warehouse is ready for delivery, where the order will be dispatched on the same working day. Visit Real filament's technical specifications for more information on which 3D filament is for you.

Real Filament special features

Real Filament offers multiple 3D filament material options, as shown above. There is the popular PLA filament, PETG filament, and more! View our guide to 3D printer filament, a guide that highlights the unique features and functions of different kinds of 3D filament. Use the guide to assist you in making the best decision on which 3D filament to buy. Different 3D models require different materials depending on their intended function. For this reason, Real Filament also has developed a flexible filament known as RealFlex. RealFlex Filament carries a special blend of PLA making it sturdy and able to handle high-impact situations and conditions. We offer PC-PETG filament also known as Carbon filament, a stronger blend for printing 3D models or components with great mechanical and temperature resistance.

Real Filament 3D printing profiles

The 3D printing profiles are recommended settings and parameters that you can import to slice your 3D model according to the 3D material you would like to use. This will produce the best 3D printing outcomes without needing excessive test prints beforehand.

If you would like to get more information about Real Filament, please feel free to contact our customer service!

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