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Ultrabase carbon build plate

Original Ender3 (pro), CR-20 (pro) and Ender5 Ultrabase glass sheet upgrade
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Product description

Ultrabase Silicon Carbon coated glass build surface upgrade for Ender3 (pro), CR-20 (Pro) and ender5. Gives a great adhesive for all the major plastics: PLA, PETG an ABS

This official Creality Ultrabase coated heated bed plate is potentially the last heater bed upgrade you'll ever need for the CR 10S Pro. The hight quality Silicon Carbon coating can handle temperatures up to 120 deg C, and is one of the few materials that works with all primary thermoplastics: PLA, PETG and ABS.

Since adhesion is so univerally strong, don't oversquash your first layer. Wear and tear is reduced when allowing the bed to cool down to under 40 deg (or 50 for ABS) before print removal. The optimal z-height will allow prints to pop off once the bed has cooled.

When using the Creality Ultrabase there is no additional adhesives required, but 3Dlac is recommended. Because of the honeycombed carbon layer your print will automatically stick very well. When the print is finished give it about 15 minutes to cool down up to room temperature and the print will pop-off the bed it self. Before printing please level the bed to ensure no damage is going to get caused to the carbon layer.

  • Material: Hardened glass
  • Dimensions: 235x235x4mm


General properties
sku HBG235X235X3
gtin 8719345009730
mpn 3007020038
Material Glass
Type Square
Product Dimensions 235x235x3 mm
Thickness 3 mm
Price breaks
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5 - 9: excl 143 DKK incl 178.75 DKK
10 - 29: excl 139.60 DKK incl 174.50 DKK
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