Buy 3D printer timing belts in DK

Get to know our collection of timing belts for your 3D printer or CNC machine. In this assortment, you can be sure to find different timing belts that ensure smooth and efficient movement. Explore our large assortment of standard timing belts and specialized timing belts for certain 3D printer models.

About 3D printer timing belts

Discover our selection of timing belts, grouped in collections so that you can easily find the type that you are searching for. Control and precision are both key to 3D printing. This is largely supported by the stepper motors working together with timing belts to ensure accurate linear movement. When the instructions from the motherboard are carried out accurately by elements such as the stepper motors, pulleys, and timing belts, exceptional 3D printing quality will follow. For this reason, your timing belt should always be kept in good condition and be replaced if required. If a timing belt starts slipping, then it will not be moving correctly and you can expect the quality of your 3D prints to decrease dramatically. 

We offer premium timing belts with different material reinforcements in a variety of types and lengths. Below we will discuss some of the features to look into when making the decision for your 3D printer or CNC machine.

3D printer timing belt characteristics

There are a number of things to look at when considering what kind of timing belt will suit your 3D printer or CNC machine best. We will go over some of the most important features and differences between the different timing belts. Use the left filter menu in the designated categories to swiftly navigate and easily check the boxes.

3D printer timing belt types

There are three main types of timing belts used in 3D printing. There are T2.5, T5, and GT2. These markers will determine the shape and pitch between the teeth of the timing belt. The GT2 type is the most common timing belt being used in modern 3D printers. The T2.5 and T5 can be found in older models of 3D printers. CNC machines are also known to mostly use these two. The timing belt that you use should be fitted with compatible pulleys.

3D printer timing belt reinforcements

The different materials used to reinforce our timing belts dictate how they will move and operate your machine. We offer glass fiber reinforcement timing belts that provide flexibility at an affordable price. We also have steel reinforcements that are strong but cannot be bent and are designed to operate in a large radius. Our Kevlar-reinforced timing belts are a great choice for a combination of flexibility and power.

Select a 3D printer timing belt

To correctly pick out a timing belt for your 3D printer, we will highlight some aspects to take into account. In most cases, GT2 and glass fiber timing belts will work well. After some time, the timing belt will expand when it is used in the longest setting.

If you are looking for more power, a steel timing belt with a longer length is appropriate. This does not work for situations where a shorter radius is being used as they cannot bend. The Kevlar timing belt is the ideal choice for longer lengths with smaller radiuses due to its great bendability. A closed-loop timing belt should be used when making transmissions from the stepper motor to the pulley in order to increase the torque and speed. With 3D printer tension belts, you can apply the correct level of tension to your belt. Our timing belts are sold in standard sizes per meter and we offer timing belts for certain 3D brands and models. Create an order today and have your timing belts dispatched on the same business day for quick delivery!

Would you like to know more about the timing belts in this section? Feel free to reach out to us, we are happy to help!

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