MFR1100 11A PTC Resettable fuse for RAMPS
15.20 DKK
In stock
MFR500 5A Fuse
15.20 DKK
In stock
USB Connection cable 0.4m (type B to type A)
21.70 DKK
In stock
DRV8825 Stepstick 1/32 microstep Stepper Motor Driver
Pololu-compatible 2A 1/32 microsteps modular stepper driver
53.30 DKK
In stock
Transistor set|100 pieces
A useful set of transistors for your electronic components
  • Efficient
  • Compact
  • 100 pieces
  • High quality
81 DKK
In stock
DRV8825 Driver Carrier (original)
DRV8825 Stepper Motor Driver Carrier, High Current
  • Driver Chip: DRV8825
92.50 DKK
In stock
External SD Card board v1.1
96.50 DKK
In stock
External thermocouple board v1.2
96.50 DKK
In stock
Keypad v1.0 - Fully Assembled
207 DKK
In stock
Smart controller Graphical LCD ( 12864 LCD )
Upgrade your printer with a LCD screen
306.75 DKK
In stock
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