The extruder section contains everything for getting filament through your 3D printer. This includes parts for driving the filament, guiding the filament and melting it. You have the option to use a direct drive system in which the hot-end is directly connected to the cold-end, but you may also opt for a bowden system in which the filament is guided through a PTFE tube between cold-end and hot-end. Heaters, thermistors and controller electronics you will find in the temperature control section.

The available hot-ends we offer include the older v5 system which is still used in some systems, the J Head-compatible hot-end which has bee in use for quite some time and the very reliable E3D hot-ends.


ReprapWorld is proud reseller of makers of industry leading, high-quality extruder components, ensuring the best quality 3D print results possible. Whether you need more reliable nozzles, or complete extruder assemblies, we have it. Check out the different brands for more information.

Hot End

Need spare parts for your 3D printer's hot end? Or do you want an upgrade to be able to print faster or different materials? No problem! We offer replacement parts as well as industry standard Hot Ends by different brands.

Cold End

The most important aspect for performance in your 3D printer is the Cold End. It drives the filament and applies force, so it will extrude the plastic onto a 3D print. Consistency and reliability are keywords here for making the best 3D prints. There are various solutions to drive filament, from simple direct drive systems to geared bowden system. Whatever you choose, we have the best component to build your extruder as well as pre-build extruders.


Extruder parts

View RepRapWorlds collection of extruder parts and components. Find all the parts you need to assemble your extruder and discover the perfect nozzle for your 3D prints. Explore all the essential pieces of an extruder and the different supporting components for the best printing experience.

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