Cold End bodies for your extruder

Find your favorite Cold End body in this section. We have a variety of brands and types, so definitely something for your 3D printer! Depending on your preference we have direct driver extruder bodies, but for better performance a geared solution is more appropriate. Many bodies can be used for bowden system and direct drive extruder systems.

Simple metal cold end ( Left, 1.75 mm )
172.50 DKK
In stock
Simple metal cold end ( 1.75 mm )
191.50 DKK
In stock
Bulldog compatible Cold-end ( 1.75mm )
252.50 DKK
In stock
E3D Titan Extruder Cold End
509.50 DKK
In stock
E3D Titan Extruder Cold End (Mirrored)
570.50 DKK
In stock
IFS extruder upgrade
Extruder with internal filament sensor for Prusa Mini and Mini+ 3D printers
  • User-friendly
  • Fast installation
  • Eliminate print fails
  • Quick-release component
  • Decrease filament jamming
574.50 DKK
In stock
BMG Extruder 1.75mm|Mosquito edition (Mirrored)
Compact Low-weight dual drive extruder
  • High-quality cold end for the compact Mosquito hotend
  • Filament diameter: 1.75mm
  • Type: Mosquito edition
666.50 DKK
In stock
Titan Extruder 3mm Bowden
760.50 DKK
In stock
Hemera Bowden Kit|1.75mm
A powerful extruder with dual-drive extrusion system that offers extraordinary filament control.
  • Dual-Drive system for up to 10kg of force
  • Compact integrated system
  • Works with flexible filament
  • Easy to use and spectacular design
  • Bowden system
842.50 DKK
In stock
BondTech Prusa MK2.5 - MK3 Upgrade kit
  • Prusa MK2.5 / MK3 upgrade kit
  • 3: 1 Gear ratio
857.50 DKK
In stock
Extruder Prusa I3 upgrade kit|MK2.5S / MK3S / MK3S+
  • Upgrade for Prusa i3 MK2.5 / 3
  • 3: 1 gearing ratio
  • Professional SLS 3D printed housin
917.50 DKK
In stock
BMG-X2 Dual Extrusion 1.75mm|18mm
Complete dual extruder cold-end
  • 18mm version for Chimera/Cyclops type Hot Ends
  • 3: 1 gear ratio
  • Dual drive
  • 415 steps/mm
1,125.75 DKK
In stock
BMG-X2 Dual Extrusion 1.75mm|20 mm
Complete dual extruder cold-end,
  • 20mm version for Chimera+/Cyclops+ type Hot Ends
  • 3: 1 gear ratio
  • Dual drive
  • 415 steps/mm
1,125.75 DKK
In stock
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