F623ZZ Shielded ball bearing (Flanged)

Generic flanged shielded ball bearing 623ZZ
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F623ZZ Shielded ball bearing (Flanged, 10 pieces)
Generic flanged shielded ball bearing 623ZZ
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Product description

Discover RepRapWorld’s Flanged Shielded Ball Bearings. This type of shielded ball bearing has a flange that can be easily mounted on a range of timing belt systems. Install the premium flanged shielded ball bearings on your 3D printer’s Z-axis to fasten your lead screws or significantly reduce rotational friction in your machine.

Mount a Flanged Shielded Ball Bearing onto any device. The flange extension, as seen on the outer ring, is useful to install on intricate and complex setups. The flanged shielded ball bearings are ideal for guiding linear motion in timing belts. This product is created out of carbon steel, a sustainable and very durable option. It is extremely safe and will withstand extreme fluctuating temperatures without deforming. Furthermore, the bearings arrive greased in their packaging!

  • Greased
  • All-purpose
  • Sustainable
  • Easy to mount
  • Durable & strong


General properties
gtin 8719128323992
Precision rating P0
Material Carbon steel
Number of rows 1
Height 4 mm
Flange size 1 mm
Outer diameter 10 mm
Bore size 3 mm

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