Lead screw TR8X2 (8 mm / 2 mm per rev. / 100 cm)

Perfect precision linear motion with the lead screw TR8X2
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Product description

Perfect precision linear motion with the lead screw TR8X2, 2mm motion per revolution, best used in lead-driven Z-axis

Because of the 2mm movement per revolution, you can get a very high-precision movement in axes equipped with the TR8X2 lead screw, making is especially fit for the Z-Axis in 3D printers or general applications in CNC machines where precision is required. This enables you to very consistently stack layers with low layer height, getting perfect prints. This product works best in combination with a low-backlash coupling like Flexible motor coupling XB D20L25 for best precision.

The TR8X2 lead screw nut is sold separately.


General properties
gtin 8719345006050
Thread starts 1
Material Hardened steel
Type TR8X2
Length 1000 mm
Outer diameter 8 mm
Pitch 2 mm
Lead 2 mm
Price breaks
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5 - 9: excl 218.80 DKK incl 273.50 DKK
10 - 29: excl 213.20 DKK incl 266.50 DKK
30 - : excl 207.20 DKK incl 259 DKK
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