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Written by Lillianne Grootens on 30/07/2021

You can now easily monitor the temperature and humidity of your 3D filament with the Bluetooth Hygrometer. You can even download an app so you can monitor it up to 40m distance from your phone. The CR2477 battery, that is included, will last up to 365 days. The internal memory will store statistical data up to 100 days. Want to find out more about this Hygrometer and the available app? Then click on the button below.

Smart Bluetooth Hygrometer

Written by Lillianne Grootens on 23/07/2021

This smart filament sensor designed by BigTreeTech will detect a filament run-out with just seven millimeters left. It will pause your print so you have time to insert a new spool. This sensor is great to reduce waste, because it will allow you to use last bit of filament left on your spool. The sensor is compatible with SKR mini E3, SKR E3 DIP, SKR V1.3, MKS GEN L, MKS GEN V1.4, but can work with any main board and firmware that supports a detection sensor. Want to find out more about this great gadget? Then click on the button below!

Order here your BigTreeTech filament detection sensor

Written by Lillianne Grootens on 12/07/2021

We now have Creality service kits available for the CR-10S (Pro) and the CR-X, but can also be used with DIY 3D printers. All products are original parts from Creality that fit your printer perfectly. The kit comes with the components used in the printer that have the most wear and tare, so make sure to have this kit around to keep your 3D printer always up and running. Want to find out what is in the kit?

CR-10S CR-10S Pro CR-X

Are you experiencing loud noise when working on your computer, 3D printer or any other]device? If this is the case we have a perfect solution the Noctua fan will help you out!
This Aerodynamic fan is loved for its robust, stable, but most of all for the quietness. We have them available in multiple sizes and in the fixed fan speed (FLX) and pulse width modulation (PWM) version.  Want to find out if this is the fan for you? Then click here!

Creality has joined forces with BLTouch to make two new upgrades. You can now add automatic bed leveling to your Ender-3 v2 or CR10 v2/v3. This will ensure you that your print will always start at the correct distance from the bed. It is suitable for many printbed surfaces like glass, tape, wood, PEI, etc. We do recommend that you watch the Creality instruction video before mounting the BLTouch to avoid damage to your printed or the BLTouch. You can find it on the product page of the item.

Click here for more information about the upgrade for the Ender-3 v2
Click here for more information about the upgrade for the CR10 v2/v3

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