Heated Bed MK2B Set

Components to build your heated bed
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Components to build your heated bed

This set includes the components for your heated bed at a discounted price. You only need a carriage to mount it on, preferrably something with a flat surface (MDF) to keep the heated bed straight. Also some bulldog clips or kapton tape to keep the glass in place might be useful.

What's in the box?

This is a kit of the following items.

Quantity Stock Product
1x 3DLAC Adhesion spray 400ml (ABS, PLA and PETG)
4x Compression spring - 25MM - OD 10MM
1x Heated Bed clips (set of 4)
1x Heated Bed glass 200x200x3mm (Borosilicate)
1x Heated bed MDF plate
1x Heated Bed PCB 200x200mm 12/24V MK2B
1x Heated bed wire 12AWG/19A, black ( per meter )
1x Heated bed wire 12AWG/19A, red ( per meter )
1x Thermistor 100K pre-crimped wire (1m)
Kapton tape ( 55 mm / 33 m )
55mm kapton tape that is resistant to and isolates heat. Using the 55mm tape you can create a print surface on your heated bed mostly used for ABS.
Heated Bed clips (set of 4)
Fasten your heated bed glass using these clips. Enables you to quickly replace the glass to let it cool off, but continue a new print anyhow.
SBR16 Slider rail 16mm / 30cm
Slider rail (30cm) for the SBR16UU linear sliding open ball bearing block, great for heavy duty linear axis movement
Linear sliding bearing block (open) SBR16UU 16mm
SBR16UU open slider block 16mm for heavy duty axis movement, for heated beds as well as other linear movements

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