Felfil - EVO Pellet Extruder Assembled - White

Make your own filament!
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Product description

Make your own filament! with FelFil's EVO! Comes pre-assembled and ready to extrude any of the filament types we sell in the store!

Felfil Evo is a plastic filament extruder, able to produce filaments for 3D printers starting from
industrial pellets or plastics wastes. This is the pre-assembled machine for your convenience; In order to
obtain optimal extrusion resutls, please follow the details of the complete project. Felfil Evo is suitable for domestic, research or business use; it is wary of improper use.

You can find compatible pellets in our pellets assortment



€ 699.99  incl VAT In stock
Only 5 left, order now!

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