3D printer controller board

Control up to five printers!
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Product description

Control up to five printers!

This solutions gives you direct control over your printer without using a computer. You can now start your prints, control the speed, control the temperature and much more. You can do this for five printers at a time!

Features hardware:
- Big LCD screen  (78.67x26.19mm / 192x64 pixels)
- Includes a powerful atmega2560, programmable using ICSP
- 5 action buttons, a back button and a rotary encoder with push button
- six indicator LED's for extruders/heated bed
- control up to four extruders (if applicable)
- contrast trimpot to increase/decrease contrast
- communication over I2C with up to 5 printers
- compatible with RAMPS, Minitronics and Megatronics
- directly powered from 12V
- +/- 20cm wire between display and board, for customized placement in your printer
- software and hardware are open-source

Features software:
- Start prints from SD card (must have a separate SD card connected to the printer)
- Easy menu system, with different actions of the action buttons per menu item
- Dashboard with all necessary parameters in one view
- Move axis, control speed and temperature
- Switch between up to five printers


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