DRV8825 Stepstick 1/32 microstep Stepper Motor Driver

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Product description

Pololu-compatible 2A 1/32 microsteps modular stepper driver, to control stepper motors from your 3D printer electronics. This compact PCB is compatible with Megatronics, RAMPS and Ultratronics.

The Stepstick DRV8825 is a high power stepper driver PCB, capable of running your stepper motors at 1/32 microstepping. It can deliver up to 2A of current with sufficient cooling. It performs mostly equal to the Pololu version, but at a better price. This is a four layer PCB compatible with Pololu stepper drivers so it's an easy replacement and will work in all electronics boards with Pololu compatible stepper driver slots. You can connect this board to any of the stepper motors we carry in our shop.

You can set the microstepping mode with the three pins that are broken out. Mostly you can do this on your electronics board. You can follow the settings in this table for the different microstepping mode setting:

DRV8825 microstepping modes

 To avoid damage to the electronics, before placing the Stepstick onto your electronics board, make sure to have the VMot pin (8-35V in) aligned with the pin providing the power supply.

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